Medannex is a proud signatory of the Scottish Business Pledge, showing our commitment to building sustainable growth whilst maintaining fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

Medannex strongly believes
in the importance of
investing in our workforce
to ensure that we
continue to be an
effective team with
diverse but complementary
skills and experience.

The company was shortlisted as a finalist at Scotland’s Life Sciences Annual Awards for ‘Outstanding Skills Development’ in both 2019 and 2020. We have forged close ties with several Scottish Universities to promote careers in industry and help develop the Life Sciences stars of the future.

By fostering a culture of learning, enhancing the expertise of our team and offering skills development opportunities wherever possible, we safeguard the future of Medannex in the fast-paced, innovation-driven world of biotechnology, and play our part in enhancing the pool of talent in Scotland to help accelerate the growth of our Life Sciences sector towards the £8bn target for 2025.