Medannex has developed
monoclonal antibodies 
to target annexin-A1, 
a protein that plays 
a key role in the
immune system.

MDX-124 – the first therapy to target annexin-A1 – has shown significant single-agent anti-cancer activity, synergy with chemotherapies and potentiation of anti-PD-1 immunotherapy.

Our first-in-class therapy MDX-124 specifically targets annexin-A1, a protein that modulates the immune system and plays a key role in the development of many cancers and autoimmune conditions. Annexin-A1 is a novel target, yet to be exploited in any therapeutic context.

We have generated a wealth of data demonstrating the potential of MDX-124 to treat a number of major diseases. In non-clinical studies, MDX-124 significantly reduces cancer cell growth, inhibits migration, reduces tumour volume in vivo and alerts immune cells to the presence of cancer so they can destroy it.

Furthermore, we have demonstrated powerful synergy when MDX-124 is used in combination with various standard-of-care chemotherapies – including cisplatin, paclitaxel, gemcitabine and 5-FU – resulting in significantly greater cancer cell death. MDX-124 has also been shown to markedly potentiate the impact of anti-PD-1 immunotherapy, another widely used class of cancer treatment.

MDX-124 has a favourable safety profile and we look forward to generating our first clinical oncology data soon, as well as initiating our first clinical study in autoimmune disease.

We are collaborating with several Centres of Excellence in the UK, and other clinical oncology and autoimmune experts worldwide, to ensure that we realise the full potential of our novel therapeutic approach in multiple disease indications.

Our technology is protected by a robust intellectual property portfolio which includes patents granted in all major territories. Feedback from leading clinicians and global pharma companies has confirmed that annexin-A1 is a unique target with major therapeutic potential in both oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Collaborations & Affiliations

Medannex is proud to collaborate with leading academic researchers, play an active role within several industry associations and provide extensive skills development opportunities.