Medannex has
developed antibodies 
to target annexin-A1, 
a protein that plays 
a key role in the
immune system.

Medannex received a 
Corporate LiveWire 
Healthcare & Life 
Sciences Award, 
in recognition of 
the huge potential 
of our innovative technology 
to improve lives.

Our antibodies specifically target and inhibit annexin-A1, a protein that modulates the immune system and plays a key role in the development of many cancers and autoimmune conditions. Annexin-A1 is a novel target, yet to be exploited in any therapeutic context.

We have generated significant data demonstrating the potential of our antibodies to treat a number of major diseases. In non-clinical studies, our lead candidate MDX-124 was shown to significantly reduce cancer cell growth, as well as markedly reducing tumour volume.

We are collaborating with both Dr Stefan Symeonides at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre and an NHS NIHR Lupus Centre of Excellence to ensure that we realise the full potential of our novel therapeutic approach.

Our technology is protected by a robust intellectual property portfolio which includes patents granted in all major territories. Feedback from leading clinicians and global pharma companies has confirmed that annexin-A1 is a unique target with major therapeutic potential in both oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Collaborations & Affiliations

Medannex is proud to collaborate with leading academic researchers, play an active role within several industry associations and provide extensive skills development opportunities.