Medannex announces new immunomodulatory approach to cancer treatment at Nature conference

10 March 2020

Medannex will present new data on their proprietary immunomodulatory agent, MDX-124, a humanised monoclonal antibody with significant therapeutic potential in oncology. The Scottish biopharmaceutical company has been invited to present pre-clinical data at the Nature Reviews Cancer Conference in Salt Lake City on 10 March 2020.

MDX-124 targets and inhibits annexin-A1, a protein that modulates the immune system and plays a key role in the development of many cancers. MDX-124 is a novel immunomodulatory agent with an antiproliferative effect. It has been shown to reduce cancer cell growth by up to 76%, in a broad range of cell lines including breast, colorectal, pancreatic and ovarian cancer. Furthermore, in an experimental model of triple negative breast cancer, MDX-124 has been shown to markedly reduce tumour volume.

Medannex Chief Executive Officer, Ian Abercrombie, said:

“We’re delighted to share our exciting data at the Nature conference, showing how our novel antibody suppresses cancer cell growth through the targeted inhibition of annexin-A1. MDX-124 has the potential to make a significant impact in the treatment of numerous cancers, many of which are poorly responsive to current immuno-oncology agents. We are currently completing IND-enabling testing in preparation for our First-in-Human clinical study.”

The data, co-authored by Medannex and its collaborators at ARU (Cambridge, UK) will be presented at ‘Transdisciplinary Cancer Interception: Leveraging Biology to Improve Prevention and Detection’ at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah.

The data can be viewed here.